Tuesday, September 17, 2013

17--Alabama Shakes and Dawes at Sloss Furnace

I've never been to a show at Sloss Furnace before, but what a great place to see a couple of really awesome bands.  We ordered tickets a few months in advance and were really excited about seeing this show with our friends.  And neither band disappointed.  The only thing disappointing was that Dawes didn't play longer!  I think they only played about 6 songs, and they have so many great ones.  So, I was sad about that, but once the Shakes came on stage, I was over it.  Brittany Howard can straight up sing!  Her voice is what I wish mine sounded like.  It's raw and soulful, and I just love her.  Now, she can be a little odd to watch close up because she makes some seriously weird facial expressions, but you sorta get over it because her talent is insane.  We weren't able to stay for the whole show because my parents were watching the kids, and we had church the next day.  But it was awesome nonetheless.  I sorta wished that she had broken out into some covers of Led Zeppelin or Janis Joplin or something like that.  She could totally rock that.  Of course, she rocked their original stuff anyway, so...  If you ever get the chance to see either of these bands, then do yourself a favor and go to their shows.  Both are really great musical/vocal talents.

Here's a video of Alabama Shakes singing "Hold On."  Please excuse the awful camera work.

Alabama Shakes--Hold On

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