Thursday, December 27, 2012

52 Things for 2013

Do you ever feel like your life is staring you in the face and passing before your eyes at the same time? I always enjoy this time of year because all of the news programs are doing year in reviews, and it always makes me think about what I've done during the year.  Memories are funny things.  Some stick with you for no known reason while others slip away, completely forgotten.  I can think of several new things I did this year, but I know there has to be more.  I should have written them down.

My friend, Stephanie, encouraged me earlier this year when my blog was fairly new to commit to blogging just once a week.  She said it didn't have to be some life-changing post but just to write SOMETHING.  Clearly since I haven't written here since the Spring, I didn't listen to her advice.  Now, I wish I had!  I would like for my blog to be my personal year in review.  I'd like to be able to look back at it and see the different things I've done.

So, I want to commit to writing about 52 new experiences in my life in 2013.  Some might be really monumental in my life, and some might seem very small and trivial.  But I want to try and embrace new experiences next year.  Maybe it's visiting a new place or learning something new at work.  Or, wonder of wonders, making some of those pins on my Pinterest board a fun reality in my life rather than a bunch of "that's cool, but I'll probably never really do that" pictures on a social network site.  Heck, I have two children.  They alone offer plenty of material, right?

This sounds very much like a New Year's resolution, doesn't it?  I really can't stand those.  I don't want to treat this like that.  And I'm not actually foolish enough to think that I will have the time to write every single week.  I'm a mom.  And a wife.  And a full-time worker.  Life gets hard, and weeks fly by.  But it is my goal to have a wonderful blog/scrapbook of 52 new experiences to reflect on by this time next year.  I think that sounds fun!  Make it your goal too!  And hopefully it won't fade by the end of February.  :)