Tuesday, February 12, 2013

5: Organizing User Manuals

Last weekend, I cleaned the house (big surprise).  But this was a serious cleaning.   It was a having-company-over kind of cleaning.  So, I was on a tear through the house to get some things organized and put away.  But it seemed like every time I opened a drawer, I found a new user manual for something in our house.  TVs, DVD players, appliances, iWhatevers, etc.  My head nearly exploded.  WHY were these things in 10 different drawers/cabinets all over the house and not in one location?  Enter Organization Karen.

I remembered seeing how someone organized their home manuals, warranties, etc somewhere...probably on Pinterest.  So, I copied that person's good idea.  I got a binder, dividers and some clear sleeves.  I made labels for Electronics, Cable, Appliances, Kids' Toys and Home.  Then I put each manual in its own sleeve.  Easy. As. Pie.  And now I feel a little better about life in general.  It's the small things, right?



Next up: labeling the paint cans in the garage according to room.  :)