Friday, January 6, 2012

Nobody eat the Greek yogurt! The Greek yogurt has gone bad!!

Do you remember that scene in the movie "Can't Hardly Wait" when the nerd kid drinks the beer and screams out that the beer has gone bad? And folks are all "Tastes like beer to me."/"Me too!" Well, that was how I felt the first time I had Greek yogurt. I'd seen people tweeting about it and how great it was. And gals in the office all swore by it, so when I was in the store one day, I bought some. I was excited to open it and give it a shot. I took my first bite. Um...UM...what the...BLECH!!!! It was like that taste you get from a sprite when there is too much carbonated water and not enough syrup. I swear...I think the stuff fizzed in my mouth. It was NOT good. How could this be? How could all of these sheep be so fooled into thinking this stuff is tasty?! Are they those creepy rice cake people who claim that those styrofoam cakes actually taste good?? And then I thought about it...maybe it was the brand. I'm the kind of person who LOVES a Diet Coke, but I wouldn't drink a Diet Pepsi if you paid me. (Well...depends on how much you paid me...)

So, I went back to the store and bought a different one. Tried it, and was so pleasantly suprised...success! Fage Greek Yogurt is truly awesome! And it comes with this little fruit cup on the side so you can mix all the fruit flavor into the plain yogurt all at the same time. Or you can dip the yogurt in it. OR you can mix some in and dip the rest. The possibilities are endless. But it was good, y'all. Like really, REALLY good. I like the Fage Total 0%. I encourage you to give it a shot!

I'll try rice cakes next.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Road to 100 Pushups

100 Pushups. THAT is the name of the app. Please download it. It is so worth it.

When I started this app, it said "do as many good-form pushups as you can". I could only do three. (And to clarify...yes, I am doing REAL pushups. Not the wimpy, girlie kind.) Week one went by with no problem as did week two. It was week three that killed me. At that point, I was up to 50 pushups. Hold on...let me back up...

This app is set up to break down the total number of pushups into smaller reps with break periods in between. For instance, "do as many good-form pushups as you can" meant "how many can you do in a row before you collapse?" THREE. That was all I could do. So, the app took that and created a program around it. On my first day I did 12 pushups, but it was broken down: 2 pushups and take a 30-second break. Then I did 3 followed by a 30-second break. Then 2 and a 30-second break. (Do you see where I'm going with this?) So, my reps were 2, 3, 2, 2, 3 for a total of 12 pushups. It gradually increased from there. And the rest periods changed too. Sometimes they were longer...sometimes they were shorter. I don't know why. That's just what the app did, so I followed it. So, to say that I did 100 pushups doesn't mean I did 100 without stopping. (What am I? A soldier??) I had 60-second breaks between my reps. (Or is it "sets?" Oh, heck...I don't know.) Regardless, that is how it is set up.

But it was week three that got me. The day I had to do 50 was bad. And I had to do half in that wimpy, girlie style. Well, I decided that wasn't good enough. I couldn't very well go on if I couldn't do those 50. So, I stayed on that week for another week (plus one more day). Then, I thought I was psyching myself out and just said "WHATEVER" and moved on. Well, it turned out that I was more than ready. 55 was a breeze. 63 was a breeze. 72 was where it got tough again. But by that point, I decided that even if I had to break up my reps into even SMALLER reps, then I would. I just had to finish this app. It was killing me mentally. And that's what I did. 80, 86, 100 was how the next three days went. And it was over. And I was relieved.

So, I started at 3 in a row. 18 is now my personal best (though I'm not consistent.) And that is one thing I learned over the course of this app. I'm not always going to be consistent. I'm not always going to feel strong. I'm not always going to feel weak. It's truly a day-to-day thing.

The app wants me to keep going. My next one is 120, and it wants me to continue until I reach 170. *excuse me a second* BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! WHOOOOO!!!! Sorry.

I think I'm going to hang out at 100 for a little while if you don't mind.